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You can customize your Superblog in almost every aspect possible.
There are some sane restrictions in place to make sure that the user experience and reading experience are not compromised.

Settings are divided into three sections for easier use.

  1. General
  2. Advanced
  3. Expert

General settings


Site Name

This is the name of your brand/product/company. You can change it anytime.
It will be used in multiple places throughout your Superblog:

  • In the header of your blog if no logo is uploaded.
  • In the footer of your blog if no logo is uploaded.
  • Appended at the end of every post's meta title if there is no custom meta title given by you. Example: "This is my sample post | Sample Blog"

This is also used in meta title of your blog's home page. It will appear on the browser tab as shown below.

superblog site name

Color Scheme

You can this as the accent/theme color. You can choose a color from the default palette or edit a hex color code to match your brand's color. This can be changed anytime.

Buttons, Links, Lead generation forms, Tags, Call-to-actions (CTAs) will use this color.



Description is shown below every blog post. Use a short and concise intro about your product or service. It will make your blog readers visit your landing page by making them click on the CTA button.

You can enable/disable this.


Superblog branding

Sueprblog branding can be removed completely once you upgrade to a paid plan. During trial period, a small "Made with Superblog" is shown in the bottom right corner.


If you use a coupon code for discount then you cannot remove the branding.

Advanced Settings


Short description

This is used in meta title of your blog's home page. It will appear on the browser tab as shown below.

superblog short description

You can upload your own logo in Superblog. It will be shown in the header and footer.

Recommended format: PNG
Recommended dimensions: 450 x 150 (width x height)(px)


Favicon is the small icon that you see on the browser's tab for each website visited.

Recommended format: ICO or PNG
Recommended dimensions: 32 x 32 (width x height)(px)

Homepage layout

You can customize your Superblog's layout from available formats.






The default fonts for Superblog are carefully selected for readability, design, and class. You can also change the default font by selecting from the provided options.

Blog UI Font

This is the font used for Headings, Menu Items, Buttons, Footer, etc.

Default: Roboto

Blog Post Font

This is the font used for text content of the blog post body.

Default: IBM Plex Serif


You cannot choose your own custom font for Superblog at this point of time. This is a conscious decision to keep the reading experience standard. You can only choose fonts from a list of given options.

Header title

This is the prominent header text to tell about your blog or product or service.


Header caption

This is the caption to explain a bit more or leave a taste of your offering.


Header CTA

You can use this section to bring your blog visitors to your landing page or product page.
Write a catchy Call to Action text to be displayed on the button. You can enter a custom URL to which the visitor should be taken.


Blog Interface Language

You can select a language for your blog interface (internationalization/i18n). The UI elemenets like "View Older Posts", "New Posts", "5 min read", etc are automatically translated to the language of your choice.

You can also add your own vocabulary for the interface elements.

Available languages

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Italian
  4. Russian
  5. Spanish
  6. Custom



OpenGraph Image (Social Preview)

Whenever you share a link on social media (like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc), they tend to show a preview to users. You can control how your blog's URL is shown as a preview.

Select an image as shown below and it will be displayed as the preview image whenever your blog is shared on social media sites.


Recommended dimensions: 1200 x 630 (width x height)(px)

How to refresh social media preview image

Social media sites will cache your preview image from time to time. You need to manually update the preview whenever you change the image. Here is a clear guide.

Expert Settings

You can add control all the power features for your Superblog in this section. They include canonical and sitemap urls (trailing slash), google analytics, google adsense, custom javascript, etc.


Google Analytics Id

There is an inbuilt analytics module in Superblog. You can view pageviews, visitors info, top pages etc from Superblog dashboard itself. (Only available in PRO and higher plans)

However, if you want to use Google Analytics to track your blog's pageviews and visitors then you can paste your Google Analytics tracking code here.


Google Adsense (Auto Ads)

If running Google Adsense is your revenue model then you can paste your Google Adsense Publisher code to display Auto Ads.

You can not use custom ad units in superblog. Only Auto-ads are possible.


Hide Post Authors and Dates

You can hide Author names and dates for all posts in this section.


You can hide default menu items in footer by visiting settings>expert section.


Use blog as root Url

When you connect or to your Superblog, you can find this option in settings > expert section.

By default, clicking on your blog's logo will take you to However, if you want to send users to your blog's home page ( or when clicking on the logo, then you need to tick this checkbox.


Miscellaneous (Custom) scripts

You can add custom javascript to your Superblog by visiting settings>expert section. It can be your own javascript or thrid-party widget code. For example: help chat widget, analytics tracking code, popup-scripts etc.





All the code entered here will be present in <head/> section of your Superblog. You can safely paste all the scripts here itself (even the ones that say to paste in <body/> tag). Superblog will try to optimize them and load without any problems.

Custom CSS

You can add custom CSS to your Superblog by visiting settings>expert section. This feature will allow you to modify your Superblog with fine changes.



/* this will make the post's title align to the center of the page */

.post-title {
text-align: center;