1. Superblog vs Medium: What are the differences?
    1. Superblog can be used on a subdirectory
    2. Medium's branding vs Your Branding
    3. You own your audience
    4. Lead generation form
    5. No competition hijacking
    6. Avoid setup and maintenance
    7. Superblog is always fast
    8. Auto SEO-optimization
    9. Auto image-optimization
    10. Beautiful reading experience
  2. Why is Superblog a great Medium alternative?

    Superblog is an SEO focused Medium alternative for startups

    Medium delighted both the readers and writers when it was launched. Many individuals, writers, publications, and even businesses started using Medium due to its ease of use. But the biggest problem is that Medium tries to convert your readers into their customers by showing a paywall. Sometimes Medium even shows your competitors' articles to your blog readers.

    Learn why you should consider Superblog as a Medium Alternative for your startup or product blog.


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    Superblog vs Medium: What are the differences?

    Superblog can be used on a subdirectory

    Using a blog on subdomain (blog.example.com) vs subdirectory (example.com/blog) is one of the most debated topics in the world of SEO. You can not use Medium on a subdirectory. This is a big deal-breaker for most of the startups which are focused on SEO.

    Superblog can be used on your domain's subdirectory! Even if you use webflow, bubble, wix, squarespace, nextjs, vuejs, or any other tech stack to build your landing page, it is super easy to connect superblog to your subdirectory or subdomain.

    Medium's branding vs Your Branding

    Medium shows its own branding on your blog. And it is not subtle either. They have a strong placement of their logo in the header and footer of the blog. As a business, you always want to project your service/brand to your readers. Even after paying and connecting your subdomain, Medium does not remove its branding.

    Superblog is built with startups and businesses in mind. Once you connect your domain and disable Superblog's branding, your superblog becomes part of your website. Your brand's logo and Call-to-actions are predominantly shown to your readers.

    You own your audience

    You write great content and get readers to your blog but Medium tries to convert your readers into their customers by showing paywalls so that Medium can convert them to its customers. Your audience is connected to Medium and NOT you.

    Superblog never shows paywalls! Your readers are owned by you and NOT superblog. You can collect email addresses and bring your blog visitors to your landing page easily via strategically placed CTA buttons.

    Lead generation form

    Medium does not give an option for you to collect leads from your blog. What is the use of writing great content and drawing a huge amount of audience if you can't turn them into leads?.

    Superblog lets you collect leads from your blog posts. You can export the entire list or connect to your zapier account to setup automation and nurture your leads.

    No competition hijacking

    Medium shows 'Related Posts' below every post. There is a chance that your competitor's posts might be shown to your readers. This is a big drawback for businesses.

    Superblog always shows posts from your blog as 'Related Posts'. Superblog is your own blog and NOT a publication.

    Avoid setup and maintenance

    Superblog is a managed blogging solution. You will never have to worry about setup or maintenance. You can focus on writing content peacefully!

    Superblog lets you forget about the technicalities of setting up and maintaining your blog just like Medium without all the business drawbacks.

    Superblog is always fast

    Medium blogs are fast enough for most readers. But on low-speed internet connections, Medium blog takes quite some time to load.

    Superblog on the other hand is extremely fast. It remains the same even if your blog gets millions of users.

    Auto SEO-optimization

    Superblog automatically optimizes your blog for SEO. You don't need to worry about installing multiple plugins and hiring experts. You can do an official Google Audit on https://web.dev/measure for your own Medium blog and Superblog (https://superblog.ai/blog) to see the difference.

    Auto image-optimization

    Superblog automatically reduces the size of the images uploaded to your blog. Your images are stored on CDN so that your blog readers can load the images almost instantly.

    Beautiful reading experience

    Blogs are meant for reading. A good blog looks and feels like a book. Superblog tries to provide an experience as close as to reading a book for your blog visitors. They tend to spend more time if the blog is highly readable. This increases the "Time on Page" metric which is a great signal to Google that your visitors love your blog.

    Why is Superblog a great Medium alternative?

    You can create a blog and connect your domain to Superblog in less than 2 minutes. After that, Superblog gets out of your way. You can peacefully focus on writing content because the rest-all is handled by Superblog. Focus on your product and grow your business!

    Think of superblog like your own Medium-like blog that allows you to connect with your audience through lead-generation forms and Call-to-action buttons. All without showing superblog's branding. That is why Superblog can be a great Medium alternative for your next blog.

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