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These are some of the common and frequently asked questions that might come up when using superblog.

Tracking outbound links is a common requirement for bloggers. It lets you know how often an external URL was clicked, which page the clicks occured on, etc.

Superblog provides this feature out-of-the-box. External link clicks will be tracked as events on your analytics dashboard. They will be displayed as Outbound Link Click, but you can expand the event to reveal the external links that have been clicked by your visitors.


Why are many pages of my superblog not indexed on Google?

You might be seeing that certain pages of your superblog are not indexed on Google. This can be observed from your Google Search Console or other SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

This is 100% intentional.

They are all tag/category/navigation/comments pages (Not blog posts). They are good with no index tag. We are not blocking Google to read it, we are only asking not to index those pages to avoid competition among your own pages.

That's the whole point of superblog. You don't need to worry about these SEO best practices. They come with the platform.

Why is the content pasted from google docs and other sources badly formatted?

This is a common issue for text editors. Pasting content from outside sources will cause formatting issues.

How to avoid this issue

You can export your content from Google Docs or Notion or other sources into .docx, or .html, or .md (markdown) files and then import that files into Superblog for seamless experience.

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Can we add author info/bio below the blog posts?

No. Superblog is specifically designed to bring traffic from your blog to your website. That's why there is a 'Site Description' box below each blog post (which acts as a CTA to your landing page) instead of a common Author/Bio section.

However, you can manually add about the author in the post itself if you need.

Why the pagespeed score is low for my Superblog?

Superblog targets for 90+ score in Google's Lighthouse Audit on an average (combination of all the scores). If your superblog has less than 90, then the below could be possible reasons:

  1. You might have added large Javascript to your superblog.
  2. You might have added large embeds in your blog post. (ex: twitter threads, apple podcasts, etc).
  3. You might have embedded Youtube player directly using embed code. Instead, embed it by clicking "Video" icon in the post editor's toolbar.
  4. You have added Google Analytics or Gtag scripts (there is an inbuilt tracking module for superblog which is lightweight) or maybe you are using custom tracking scripts that could be causing an issue.
  5. If you configured your superblog on a subdirectory (for example:, then the request will hit your server first to handle the reverse proxy. So please check if it is causing delays in response and rewrites (proxy) which will reduce the pagescores.
  6. You might be auditing the home page of your superblog. You should audtiting the post URL to get the accurate scores.