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Custom Domain

View Dashboard > Custom Domain

You can connect Superblog to your own domain. It can be a subdomain or subdirectory.
Once you enter your desired URL like or in the text box, click the Connect button to receive instructions.



Connecting your subdomain to Superblog is probably the easiest way. If you are non-technical or not really focused on SEO then choose this method.

However, most SEO experts say to use a subdirectory instead of a subdomain. Read more about this here.


For the best SEO benefits, prefer connecting your blog to a subdirectory like Configuring this is a bit technical and might require expert guidance.

But do not panic, once you connect your required URL, step-by-step instructions will be shown in the Superblog dashboard itself. You can select your tech stack to receive the configuration details.

It'll take around 10 minutes to superblog on your subdirectory.


Typically, you can setup a reverse proxy or Superblog provides one for you.
(No additional purchase is needed, it is included in the plan)