Which blogging platform to choose

Choosing the best blogging platform to use depends on several factors. In this guide, you will see a clear and concise explanation of different blogging platforms. You can choose one depending on their strengths and weaknesses according to your use case.

Quick comparison

superblog vs wordpress vs medium vs ghost vs substack
Beautiful reading experience
Zero maintenance
Security from malware attacks
Host on subdirectory
Lead generation
Auto Pagespeed optimization
Auto Image optimization
Built-in best practices
Auto SEO
Remove branding
Best suited forStartups and SEO focused bloggersGeneral purposeIndividual bloggersPublishersNewsletters

Detailed explanation


Superblog is an SEO focused blogging platform. Think of it as an alternative to WordPress with UI/UX of Medium. It is blazing fast, powerful and beautiful. All the best practices are built-in to convert your blog readers into your customers. Features like auto search engine optimization, auto image optimization, auto pagespeed optimization, and lead generation forms, etc., make superblog the default choice for startups and serious SEO bloggers. Superblog scores high in Google Lighthouse audits automatically. You can focus on writing content instead of setup and maintenance. Your superblog remains fast even if you get millions of pageviews.

If you are a startup or individual who wants to quickly setup a blog and not worry about maintenance then Superblog would be the best choice for you.


WordPress became a general purpose CMS. You build a landing page, blog, e-commerce store or anything using WordPress. And because of that, setting up a blog became extremely complex over time with WordPress. In addition to that, you need to install and maintain WordPress to make sure it is secure, fast, and scores well in Google Lighthouse audits. You need to make sure that WordPress blog doesn't slow down over time with increase in content and traffic.

WordPress is best suited for moderate to experienced users who don't mind spending a lot of time setting up their blog and who can constantly monitor their server and WordPress installation for the best performance.


Medium is absolutely gorgeous. It used to have the best reading experience. But the biggest problem is that Medium tried to convert your readers into their customers. You can't have a lead generation form either. Medium doesn't let you hide their branding which might cause navigational issues when you want to bring your blog readers to your landing page. Moreover, Medium might show your posts from other brands (your competitiors' too) on your blog. You can not use Medium on a subdirectory which is said to crucial to SEO by many experts. That's why Medium might not be a great fit for business blogs.

If you are an individual who want to quickly setup a blog and take leverage of Medium's readership (and monetization) then you can choose it.

Ghost (Self-hosted)

Ghost started as a beautiful alternative to WordPress. It is indeed beautiful but takes a lot of time to setup, optimize and maintain. If you are using the open-source version then you need to optimize your server and Ghost installation so that your blog loads fast and scores well in Google Audits. Morever, Ghost is targetted at Publishers who want to actively monetize their content and audience. However, some startups and businesses do use Ghost.

If you are a publisher who wants features like memberships, monetization, and publishing tools then Ghost will be a great fit for you.


Substack is as beautiful as Medium for reading. But is built with a specific use in mind - Newsletters. Substack product is designed to get more newsletter subscribers for individuals rather than being a business blog. You can not use substack blog on your subdirectory which is said to crucial to SEO by many experts.

If you are an author or writer who wants to have a newsletter and charge your audience monthly subscription then substack should be a great fit for your use case.

You can focus on writing content instead of spending time to setup and maintenance. Your blog is auto optimized for SEO, speed, and design.

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