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Superblog API is completely based on REST. It is as intuitive as it can get.

Entire superblog dashboard is built with REST API. So, any action that you can do in dashboard can also be done with API.

You need to be on the SUPER plan for API access.


Sample code is shown in the docs is in Javascript. But you can use ANY language to interact with superblog API.


  1. Generate an API key from View Dashboard > Data > API Keys section.
  2. Pass the obtained API key with every request in a custom header x-superblog-access-key.



const response = await fetch("", {
headers: {
"x-superblog-access-key": "your-api-key",

const data = await response();


Every single action that you do in superblog dashboard is an endpoint.

You can open developer tools in Google Chrome and Visit Network tab to see the endpoints, request, and response data.

Supername / Superblog Id

You will notice a supername component in the url slug for endpoints. It is nothing but the id of your superblog address that you can entered during creation of superblog.