1. Superblog vs WordPress: What are the differences?
    1. Superblog is always fast
    2. Avoid setup and maintenance
    3. Light-weight vs bloated
    4. Superblog can be used on a subdirectory easily
    5. Auto SEO-optimization
    6. Auto image-optimization
    7. Built-in best practices
    8. No plugin hassle
    9. Beautiful reading experience
    10. Very secure
  2. Case Study
    1. Why is Superblog a great WordPress blog alternative?

      What makes Superblog a great WordPress blog alternative

      Most people install a WordPress blog, get some theme, install a bunch of plugins, and start writing content. Then they find out that their blog is slow, does not score well in SEO audits, and does not have the best practices.

      Find out why you should stop using WordPress and consider Superblog as a blazing-fast, SEO-optimized, and light-weight WordPress blog Alternative.


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      Superblog vs WordPress: What are the differences?

      Superblog is always fast

      One of the most common problems for WordPress is that it becomes notoriously slow over a period of time. You need to spend a lot of time optimizing your WordPress installation, server, plugins, and content or hire an expert which cost you $$$.

      Superblog remains fast, always. Even if you publish a lot of content or your blog gets a huge traffic spike, Superblog will load extremely fast. And speed is a direct ranking factor for Google.

      Avoid setup and maintenance

      WordPress is very complex to setup. Maintaining a WordPress installation (open-source or cloud) is very complex and tends to break often. It requires constant maintenance as well.

      Superblog is a managed blogging solution. You will never have to worry about setup or maintenance. You can focus on writing content peacefully!

      Light-weight vs bloated

      WordPress is a heavy blogging engine. The themes and plugins you use may add more bloat to the page. This will impact your page loading time and cause low scores in Google Lighthouse + Core Web Vitals Audits. This will impact your search ranking.

      Superblog is a very lightweight alternative to WordPress and scores really well in Google Lighthouse Audits.

      Superblog can be used on a subdirectory easily

      Using a blog on subdomain (blog.example.com) vs subdirectory (example.com/blog) is one of the most debated topics in the world of SEO. It is very tough connect your domaina's subdirectory to your WordPress blog using reverse proxy.

      Superblog can be used on your domain's subdirectory very easily!.

      Auto SEO-optimization

      Superblog automatically optimizes your blog for SEO. You don't need to worry about installing multiple plugins and hiring experts. You can do an official Google Audit on https://web.dev/measure for your own WordPress blog and Superblog (https://superblog.ai/blog) to see the difference.

      Auto image-optimization

      Superblog automatically reduces the size of the images uploaded to your blog. Your images are stored on CDN so that your blog readers can load the images almost instantly.

      Built-in best practices

      Superblog has excellently placed lead-gen forms, Call-to-Action buttons, and Product description boxes built-in. Even the design, fonts, and layout are optimized automatically according to research studies.

      No plugin hassle

      Ever broke a WordPress site because of updating a plugin? Well, you can forget that ever happening with Superblog.

      Every feature that you require to run a business blog for writing content, collecting leads and CTAs is built into Superblog.

      Beautiful reading experience

      Blogs are meant for reading. A good blog looks and feels like a book. Superblog tries to provide an experience as close as to reading a book for your blog visitors. They tend to spend more time if the blog is highly readable. This increases the "Time on Page" metric which is a great signal to Google that your visitors love your blog.

      WordPress gives complete freedom. A bit too much that you need to figure out the theme, colors, fonts, spacing, etc. There is a certain amount of effort to make your blog readable - to get the reading experience right. Instead of doing that yourself or hiring UI/UX designers, you can dive into writing amazing blog posts because Superblog has a beautiful reading experience setup already!

      Very secure

      Superblog gives a free SSL certificate to increase the security and authenticity of your blog. Moreover, superblog is not susceptible to Plugin Malware, Outdated Theme attacks because of Superblog's architecture, and everything is controlled by Superblog.

      With WordPress, you need to purchase an SSL separately or get an automated SSL via a WordPress plugin. Alternatively, you can choose WordPress Managed hosting to get a free SSL. However, your WordPress blog will still be open to plugin and theme malware attacks.

      Case Study

      A deep-tech product engineering and consulting firm with more than $10M revenue migrated to superblog recently. You can read why they chose Superblog over WordPress and how they migrated their blog to Superblog in less than 2 minutes.

      Why is Superblog a great WordPress blog alternative?

      Superblog is built as a WordPress blog alternative because we ourselves got vexed with issues caused by WordPress. There were times when our high-traffic blog went offline due to updating a seemingly simple plugin. Usually, we need to manually go through the server, themes, and plugins to optimize the blog so that it is readable, fast, and SEO optimized.

      You can create a blog, configure it, and connect your domain to Superblog in less than 2 minutes. After that, Superblog gets out of your way. You can peacefully focus on writing content because the rest-all is handled by Superblog. Focus on your product and grow your business!

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      You can focus on writing content instead of spending time to setup and maintenance. Your blog is auto optimized for SEO, speed, and design.

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