Good fonts enhance the overall RX (reading experience) of your blog. Great combinations change the complete UX of your blog. Your readers will love spending more time on your blog and reading more articles. Always use different fonts for heading (UI) and reading.

Isn't this what we all wanted? More people spending more time on our blogs. 

Superblog ships with beautiful font combinations for your blog by default (Roboto + IBM Flex Serif). However, you can choose any font you like to customize and match the look and feel of your superblog with your website. 

Here are some of the font combinations for your blog that you can try today

Roboto + IBM Plex Serif

Roboto + IBM Plex Serif font combination

Lora + Inter

Lora + Inter font combination

Inter + Source Serif Pro

Inter + Source Serif pro font combination

Roboto + Inter

Robot + Inter font combination

Inter + Merriweather

Inter + Merriweather font combination


Please do not use Poppins as your blog post font.

Also, do watch this hilarious sketch about the "Papyrus" font. You can imagine, this is how I (as the founder of Superblog) would feel if you ever use fonts like Poppins, Papyrus, or Comic Sans for your blog.