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Superblog is free for recognised open-source projects, climate-change enthusiasts, and non-profits (basic plan).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Superblog?

Superblog is an insanely fast blogging platform with best practices built-in.

What does Superblog provide?

With Superblog, you don't need to worry about best practices, SEO audits and managing your server. You can purely focus on writing the content. Rest all are handled by superblog automatically.

Can I connect my own domain?

Yes! For example, you can connect or or or or etc.

Can I use Superblog in combination with my existing website/app?

Yes! You can use Superblog with any landing page. For example, your landing page can be built with Webflow, WordPress, Wix, NextJS, React, Vue, or any other platform. Once you purchase a plan and connect your domain to superblog, instructions will be shown in the dashboard instantly.

Can I migrate from other blogging platforms to superblog?

We all, at some point of time in our lives, tried to move mountains a blog from one platform to another. Your existing blog from all major blogging platforms to Superblog in less than five minutes. If you use a different CMS solution then you can export your content into a spreadsheet to import into superblog.

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You can focus on writing content instead of spending time to setup and maintenance. Your blog is auto optimized for SEO, speed, and design.

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