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What is a Featured image or Open Graph image?

Whenver you share a link on social media platforms like twitter, linkedin or facebook, a preview is shown to the viewers. You can notify these platforms to use an image of your choice. This is called an open-graph image. The image we use in the blog posts or pages will be used a social sharing preview. Typically we refer to the image as featured image.

Example of Open Graph Image

This is how a featured image is shown when a link is shared on facebook.

og image sample

How to check a link preview (Open Graph Image)?

You can use websites like opengraph.xyz.

Why to use a featured image or Open Graph Image for blog posts?

Using a featured image catches viewer's attention. It increases CTR for your blog post.

How to use set an Open Graph image for a blog post?

It depends on the type of blogging platform you use. You need to check the documentation for your platform. If you use a platform like Superblog, it is auto generated from your blog post images.

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