adobe fund for design superblog

The global leader in creative software, Adobe, has established the Adobe Fund for Design to support startups and emerging companies dedicated to advancing design technology and innovation. We are glad to announce that Superblog is now a part of the Adobe Fund for Design portfolio. Superblog's capability and potential to change the future of blogging are accelerated with the support of Adobe.

Superblog is a next-generation blogging platform that auto-optimizes technical SEO and on-page SEO. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to get started with blogging. You can focus on writing content instead of setup, optimization, and maintenance.

Large brands like Swiggy, Juspay, and Drivelah already use Superblog. This collaboration with Adobe Fund is a significant milestone for Superblog, as it will help the company to continue to grow and expand its user base. With this, Superblog joins the brands like unDraw, QuestAI, Focus, etc that are funded by Adobe.

In a statement, the founder of Superblog, Sai Krishna, said "I am grateful to Adobe. It will help Superblog to achieve its mission of building the fastest blogging platform in the world. Adobe's logo definitely adds weight to Superblog's brand. I thank the Superblog community, fans, and well-wishers for your support. Your feedback and input helped to shape the platform into what it is today".

Today, we are also thrilled to announce a deeper integration of Adobe Express SDK into Superblog. Now you can create stunning designs and imagery to embed in your blog posts using Adobe Express right from your Superblog Dashboard

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