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Superblog is a blazing-fast and beautiful blog for your s3 hosted website.
Your blog is auto-optimized for SEO, speed, and design. You can use Superblog on a subdomain or subdirectory.

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Powerful and beautiful blogging platform

Your superblog never slows down. All you have to do is to write blog posts. As many as you like. Your readers will love to read Superblog's beautiful presentation.

Customize your blog to your heart

You can connect your custom domain and customize your Superblog to fit your brand's theme in no time. You get the best practices without any effort.

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Simple yet powerful

Superblog might seem very simple to use but it is very powerful.

Never slows down

Your Superblog never slows down. Even if your blog gets 1 Million visitors.

SEO Tips

SuperblogAI gives you real time tips when you write blog posts.

Super secure

There is no problem of plugin malware and your blog gets a FREE SSL.

Your content is yours

Superblog doesn't own your content or expect revenue share from your content.

No superblog branding

Once you connect your domain, there's no trace of our branding.

No paywalls

We will never restrict your content from your readers.

Increase brand awareness

Turn your readers into potential customers.

Web loves superblog❤️

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Superblog?

Superblog is an insanely fast blogging platform with best practices built-in.

What does Superblog provide?

With Superblog, you don't need to worry about best practices, SEO audits and managing your server. You can purely focus on writing the content. Rest all are handled by superblog automatically.

Can I connect my own domain?

Yes! For example, you can connect or or or or etc.

Can I migrate from other blogging platforms to superblog?

We, all, at some point of time in our lives tried to move mountains a blog from one platform to another. But you can move your existing blog from all major blogging platforms to Superblog in less than five minutes. If you use a different CMS solution then you can export your content into a spreadsheet to import into superblog.

Why Superblog?

You do not need to spend your time to setup, optimize, and maintain your blog constantly. Superblog has a number of built-in features that does the heavy lifting for you.

Stop wasting time

Superblog automatically fixes all the necessary parameters and best practices to rank high so that you can focus on writing content.

Custom Domain

Superblog let's you connect your own domain. You can connect or or

Automatic media optimization

Superblog automatically compresses the images so that your posts load faster. You can also embed as many youtube videos as you like.

Become a better writer

Superblog gives you real-time intelligent tips when writing posts. It will help you write SEO-focused content.

Highly secure

You will never have problems like plugin malware. Superblog gives you a free SSL certificate forever.

Built for content marketing

SuperblogAI automatically scores 95+ in Google and GTMetrix audits. You can focus on great content.

Generate More Leads

Superblog has built-in lead generation form. It is based on best practises backed by research.

Manage your blog easily

Add multiple team members to your blog to manage your content efficiently. You can assign a specific role to each team member.

Superblog lets you focus on your content instead of setup, maintenance, and optimization.Start your free trial today
No credit card required
Free for 7 days
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You can focus on writing content instead of spending time to setup and maintenance. Your blog is auto optimized for SEO, speed, and design.

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