#1 rule of content marketing

Always tie your content to your website. Always!
Content is the wind that brings the traffic to your brand. Your own website (custom domain) is the anchor that will hold your content.

What happens when you use medium.com for content marketing?

Medium provides a beautiful reading experience. Medium provides a lovely writing experience. It is even more enticing to get free traffic from their readers.

But, nothing comes for free.

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.

Haven't we learned this already?

  1. The high-quality content that you write is attributed to Medium's brand.
  2. The SEO weightage is gone to Medium.
  3. Domain authority is given to Medium.
  4. Your brand is not at the front of recognition.

In fact, you are doing content marketing for medium. Medium successfully convinced people to write for them, brilliant! And if you are an individual writer who doesn't want to worry about brand stickiness, then you should continue using Medium.

You ask what if I use a custom domain with Medium?

Well, you will be paying around $60 a year for that to start with. You can have your own custom domain and blog hosting for that, no need to use medium for that price. Refer to rule #1.

You should convert your blog readers into your customers

When you write on Medium, your readers are converted to medium's customers. Of course, that's their business model for giving you free traffic, free server, and free blogging software.

Your customers might get your competitor's articles as suggestions if they keep reading on medium. Because you led them to a publication and reading medium! (pun intended)

​​Scoring high in Google's audits is crucial for content marketing blogs

Medium's performance is terrible in the official Google page speed audit.
Pagespeed is a direct ranking factor in Google's search ranking algorithm. Always, fine-tune your blog for that added advantage.

What if there is an alternative to Medium?

Superblog.ai is a blazing-fast medium alternative that takes care of servers, SEO audits, speed, and handling traffic. You can focus on writing content, finally.

You can connect your custom domain and all the branding your readers will see is yours. Think of superblog like a private alternative to medium for brands.

This is how your Superblog will perform in Google audits.

Medium doesn't let you use a lead generation form in your articles

lead generation form

This is a very important practice that is ignored by most content marketers. Don't use subscription forms. In general, most readers don't want to subscribe to your blog. This is 2021, nobody wants more subscription letters in their mailbox. They landed on your blog's article for a reason - to solve a specific problem. They aren't stupid. Bombarding them with subscription forms is stupid. Instead, show them a form offering your service or product to turn them into leads.

Remember, you want to convert your website traffic into customers to generate
revenue. So, use lead generation forms instead of reader-subscription forms.

To summarize, use the tool suitable to the task.