In today’s day and age, online presence is pivotal for any business to succeed. The internet has opened doors to new prospects for businesses, more than ever before. However, the increased exposure comes at the price of increased competition too.  

Businesses are not leveraging content marketing to help them beat the competition and make it among the top search results. 

If you are looking to drive your business ahead of its competitors, then making it to the first SERP is crucial. According to studies, 90.63% of content gets zero traffic from Google. On the flip side, the first organic Google search result gets 32% of the traffic.  

These stats clearly show that when your content lands on the first page of Google, you get more traffic, and likely, more leads.   

 This is why we are here to help you by telling you the most common business blog mistakes and how you can avoid/ fix them. Let’s find out:  

1. Not Search Engine Optimized 


Search engine optimization or SEO plays a vital role in determining where in the SERP your business blog will appear. It is determined by over 200 parameters like page speed, keywords, and more.  

If you are a rookie at blogging and do not have much idea on content marketing, then chances are, your SEO parameters will not be the best.  


However, you can try a blogging platform that offers auto-SEO features like Superblog. That way, the only thing you will need to worry about is writing! The platform auto-optimizes several parameters like SEO, accessibility, and performance to 95+ points.   

2. Readability 

Readability is a key factor in deciding the success of your business blog. What is your target audience, or who are you looking to sell to? What is the average educational background of your target audience?  

 These might seem like complicated questions to someone who is considering content marketing to bring in more business. However, if your blogs are not easily consumable, you will miss out on many leads. On the other hand, if you cater to a well-educated, technically sound audience, your blogs must have the right amount of information to keep them hooked.  

Then there are additional factors like vocabulary, use of repetitive words, wordy sentences, and redundant phrases that further bring down writing quality.  


With an auto-SEO optimized blogging platform, you can put these considerations aside and just focus on presenting your product/ service.   

3. It’s never about what you do. 

One of the biggest mistakes that business bloggers often make is thinking that people read their blogs to find out what they do. While that is true in some sense, it is not the whole story. Most of your traffic visits your blog to find out how what you do can help them.  


Instead of starting with what you do, start with the problems that your target audiences generally face. This will create an instant connection and compel them to read more and figure out how you can solve their pain points.  

 Once you make them consider what your product or service can achieve for them, generating more leads becomes organic.  

4. Using large media files


Like we have already mentioned, page speed is one of the main pillars to help your blog land high on SERPs. 

However, many small-business bloggers slow down their loading by uploading high-resolution images on their blogs. To them, these images are supposed to offer a more visual experience to readers.  

While it makes sense if you are into graphics designing, these high-res images make it harder for your pages to load, increasing the bounce rate. This means that many visitors will start leaving your page because it is taking too long to appear. Statistics reveal that 25% of visitors would leave a website if it required more than 4 seconds to load.  40% of visitors leave if a website lakes more than 3 seconds to load.


Use a content management platform that automatically compresses images and allows you to embed video links instead of uploading them. It will make your pages load faster and drop your bounce rate.  

5. Not going the extra mile 

A lot of the time, new business bloggers are so perplexed by the idea of SEO that they stop caring. All they aim for is to reach the bare minimum parameters. They do not go the extra mile to make lead generation forms that could significantly improve their business. However, this means wasted effort. Why?  

Because unoptimized blogs land up so low on SERPs that most traffic doesn’t even get that far. This means that even if you promote a great product or service that is better than all competitors, you might still struggle.  

And if some blogs do land up on the first SERP, there is no way to collect the leads.  


Using an auto-SEO-enabled blogging platform with a built-in lead generation form can make life super-easy for business bloggers.  


Avoid these five glaring mistakes by blogging on a platform that removes all the bottlenecks automatically and helps your business grow. With Superblog, your business blogs can score 95+ on every Google metric, automatically leaving you to focus on the more essential things.