​​​​​​​​​Pictures speak louder than words! This is very true because human brains give attention to images rather than words. For example, let’s consider 2 blogs - One displaying 5 paragraphs with no visuals & The next one with 4 paragraphs and a couple of compelling images. Among these two, the second one gains more attention from the audience. According to Hubspot Visual Content Marketing Stats, blogs with images perform better. When you add images to your blog posts, it conveys messages most effectively and keeps readers engaged. As a result, you gain more subscribers and potential leads.

Having said that, the next question is where we can get the best images. There are two ways to get the best-quality images for your blogs - from free websites or paid images. For paid images, you may have to pay a hefty amount. On the other hand, the easiest and safest way is to get it from free websites.

We’ve listed the 5 amazing free sites to find the best images for your blogs!

Top 5 sites to find best images for blogs

  1. Unsplash
  2. ​Pixabay
  3. ​Pexels
  4. Gratisography
  5. Picjumbo​

Let’s talk about licenses before moving to the sites.

Pictures available on the free sites are copyright-free and royalty-free, and they are published under public domain dedication. Therefore, these photos are eligible to copy, modify; precisely, you can do whatever you want without seeking permission. But you cannot sell them. However, we strongly recommend reading the terms & conditions of the website and doing your research before accessing any images.


Unsplash has a vast collection of high-resolution stock images available for free. With 300,000+ images and 50,000+ contributors, every day, thousands of images are being added to Unsplash. All photos are published under their own license. Here you can find images for a variety of domains. PS This is our personal favorite!


Pixabay offers 2.4 million+ top-quality images, and it is the best place to download free pictures for your blog posts and other content formats. It releases images under the Pixabay License, so you don’t have to seek permission or give credits to the contributor (much appreciated). Moreover, it offers free vectors, illustrations, videos, and music. Before you use their resources, take a look at Pixabay Licence.


We can say Pexels is bloggers’ favorite. It has a wide range of free images with high-resolution and publishes them under its own license. The license has all details about what is allowed and not. Apart from free photos, it also offers free videos.


Gratisography is the best place to get quirky images for your blogs. The number of images available is less when compared to Unsplash. However, it has a decent collection of quirky photographs shot by Ryan McGuire. Not just photos, you can also download vectors for free. All photographs and vectors are released under their own license and are completely free to use. The license explains what you can and cannot do with their images.


Picjumbo has 2,500,000+ high-quality pictures, and you can download them free of cost.  Viktor Hanacek started Picjumbo after his photographs were rejected by top stock photo sites. 

You can find images from a variety of categories, and it is a gold mine for bloggers. You can also subscribe to the premium membership program to access 50+ exclusive photos every month and premium fonts.

P.S: Beautiful gradient backgrounds to the above screenshots are added using a free tool called Supershots.

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