NoCode tools are becoming more popular because they allow users to create applications without having any knowledge of coding languages like Java or C++. They are also easier to learn than traditional programming languages making them the go-to choice for beginners.

They help startup founders save a ton of money on development to test their MVP. In addition to that, you can go to market in record time. Speed of execution is the key in startups and NoCode Tools help them with that. You can find a curated list of NoCode tools that you can use to build your startup in this article.

Landing Page Builders


Carrd is one of the fastest landing page builders out there. You can build one-page sites for pretty much anything: a personal profile, a landing page to capture emails, or anything else.

It has a free plan but to connect a custom domain, you have to pay $19/year for three sites.

Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform, as they say, is the landing page builder for startups. It has an easy drag-n-drop builder. 

You can use it for free forever but you need to get on the paid plan to connect your custom domain. They charge $18/month per landing page to remove their branding.

Web App builders

Bubble is one of the absolute favorites out there for NoCoders. You can build most of the features for your SaaS, Dashboards, etc with Bubble. Sometimes, there might be performance issues but still, it is one of the most recommended tools to build WebApps.

There is a free plan but you need to pay $25/month to connect a custom domain.


You can build WebApps and Mobile Apps with Adalo. They even have an integrated marketplace to find help when you are building your NoCode app. 

Like Bubble, they have a free plan but it is expensive to connect custom domains when compared. They charge $50/month.

Ecommerce Platforms


Shopify has proven to be an amazing alternative for building e-commerce stores. It is secure, fast, has CDN. You can forget about managing your servers. Shopify has a wide range of themes, plugins, developers. 

They start from $29/month. There is no free plan for Shopify.


WooCommerce is actually a WordPress plugin but it can create a full-fledged E-Commerce store with a customizable backend. The advantage of WooCommerce is that you get full-community support because of its open-source nature. 

The plugin is free of cost but you have to setup and manage a WordPress installation. 

Blogging platforms


Superblog is a blazing-fast, SEO-first, and beautiful blogging platform. You can focus on writing content instead of maintenance and optimization. Your superblog will automatically score high in Google Audits. You can connect your own domain and superblog will never show their branding.

It has no free plan, costs $19/month.


WordPress needs no introduction. It started as a blogging platform but it became the nocode platform to build almost any kind of webapps. At the same time, WordPress has become extremely painful to use it as a simple blogging platform to get started quickly.

But still WordPress is preferred by many. You can self-host the free version or pay $3/month. 


Medium is technically a publishing platform. It is beautiful, fast-enough and zero maintenance. But the problem is that Medium shows heavy branding on your blog and tries to convert your readers into their customers. 

You can connect your domain for $5/month.

Email Marketing Tools


Mailerlite is one of the new players and has an amazing user interface. It is relatively very easy to use when compared to the more established email marketing tools. Also, very reliable!

MailerLite lets you send 12,000 emails/month for free. The coolest thing is that there is no limit on the number of emails sent per day. 


MailModo is an email marketing solution but with a twist. You can easily send interactive emails. Yes! You can have forms, rating widgets, search, and even mini-games in the emails sent.

MailModo offers 10,000 emails/month for free.

Automation Tools


Zapier is one of the leaders in the automation space. You can connect your app to virtually any workflow, any app. They do have a free plan with 100/tasks per month but I don't think it is viable for starters. Also, it gets expensive real quick. is a great alternative to Zapier. They have large collections of integrations as well. And they offer 300 tasks/month on the free plan. That is 3x of what Zapier offers.

Community forum tools


Circle is a super simple platform to kick-start your community. It is beautiful, minimal, and feature-packed. You have threads, categories, spaces, transactions, zapier integration, and ton of other features that you need to run your community.

It starts at $39/mo.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a community platform but has a slightly different positioning. They have the option to live stream, build online courses too! It is much more useful to creators and influencers.

They charge $39/mo.