Gone are the days when the customer would walk inside your travel agency and want you to plan their trip. Now they can reach out to you on your social media channels, phone numbers, or email. How do you manage all of that and yet generate good sales? The answer lies in a good travel CRM software. 

What's a Travel CRM software?

A travel CRM software is one that helps travel companies manage their leads, respond to queries, and streamline follow-ups while developing strong customer relationships and improving sales. CRM basically stands for Customer Relationship Management and is known for simplifying business operations and increasing business efficiency. 

The 5 Best Travel CRM Software Options

To help you find the right travel CRM software, here's a look at the top 5 you should consider:


Capsule is a travel CRM software that's best for travel businesses on a budget. However, that doesn't imply that it isn't a robust CRM system -- because it is. While it might be one of the cheapest travel CRM software out there, it provides a powerful customer experience. 

As your business grows and employees increase, it might get difficult providing a touch of personalized travel to your customers only if you don't use Capsule. Available in three variants, namely, Professional, Teams, and Enterprise, it has plans that fit your intent and the size of the business. 

The best part about this travel CRM software is the fact that it integrates with an impressive range of third-party apps and has a great mobile app. Enjoy solid G suite integration or their free trial to get started. 

2. Kapture

If you prefer graphs and charts over documents and spreadsheets, Kapture is the travel CRM software for you. 

Analyze the source of your company's most profitable clients or understand which vacation offers are generating more leads online or see which agent is outshining the rest with a few simple clicks. Kapture is known for its lead qualification, scoring, and auto-assignment capabilities. 

It is an intelligent travel CRM software that helps you visualize data and key business info like your bookings pipeline or sales funnels. Also enjoy 24x7 customer support with its professional plan. 

Or opt for versatility with its enterprise plan that provides you a number of additional benefits like contact and workflow management, customized ticket disposition and a dedicated account manager. 

3. Tutterfly

To receive the best ROI from a travel CRM platform, you need ease of use and Tutterfly provides you just that. In addition to its seamless user interface, it provides integrated sales management, dynamic performance modeling, and direct report filing and generation. 

The best part is it is fully cloud-based and offers customizable sales, leads, and opportunities reporting. Moreover, what makes it different than other travel CRM software is how its pricing depends on the billing period rather than a plan. 

While all is good on the Tutterfly front, its marketing capabilities are not so strong. 

4. Dolphin Dynamics 

Dolphin Dynamics has a strong understanding of what makes travel agencies tick. If that wasn't enough, it combines bookings, billing, and branding with a strong emphasis on checkout experience. 

Dolphin Dynamics has one drawback -- it is not user-friendly. However, it makes up for that and more with its dynamic functionality and excellent workflow management tools. 

Create integrated client and corporate profiles, or develop your agency's professional relationship to tailor your services for your customers. With Dolphin Dynamic, automate transaction fee calculations and credit control functions and unlock a new level of business efficiency. 

​​5. Less Annoying CRM

As the name suggests, less annoying CRM is actually less annoying when it comes to user interface and usability. But it stands for more productivity and efficiency as well. 

Perfect for small businesses and startups, Less Annoying CRM has a colorful, clean, and simple UI. It not only helps you manage customer relationships better but is also extremely useful in identifying each of these relationships. 

In addition, it is one of the cheapest travel CRM software available out there. It's fast -- so that means you'll be all set within an hour. You get free customer support, and a 30-day free trial when you get started. 

What Makes the Perfect Travel CRM Software? 

While CRM systems are used across countries and industries, the ideal CRM system for a travel agency should combine personalized service to customers with increased business efficiency. 

It should help you acquire a deep understanding of your client's needs by giving you an exclusive insight into their conversations with you. 

An excellent CRM software helps you manage all customer conversations that go on in a number of channels and collects them into a centralized database where you can visualize the data to generate better leads. 

Generate Actionable Insights Simply

To maximize your granular insights, you can integrate your CRM system to a social listening tool to see what your customers are saying about your brand or your industry, in general. 

A good CRM software will help you provide relevant travel experiences and discounts that can't be missed. In addition to a CRM, you can use a good email marketing software like Sendy or its free alternatives to run email campaigns for your leads/users.