Canva gets 250 Million visitors a year using content marketing and SEO. This is not paid or ads traffic

Read how you can leverage content to get inbound traffic with live examples. 🧵👇

To simply put, content marketing is writing high-quality usable information. When you have a number of such articles posted frequently at a place like, say a blog, readers will land on them via search engines and other referral websites.

Take my favorite example of LogRocket. If you google for "golang vs rust", then you should see an article from "" on the first page of google.

Yes, they publish amazing articles/tutorials for developers. When they search for those topics, logrocket's blog will come up in search results which will bring huge traffic over time. At the moment they get 2.8M views every month.

You ask - "So what?". This is where it gets interesting. Logrocket places their product in the middle of the blog post or at the end - "DVR for your javascript apps".

I'm a developer reading their blog posts for almost a year. And when I wanted to build a new product, I didn't even google for the playback-analytics solutions, I straight away signed up with logrocket. They were already in my subconscious and that's how content marketing is powerful.

Long-term relationships are tough (pun intended). Take the example of ClearTax. They write a ton of content on taxes and finances. Today, if you google for anything related to Indian taxes and finances, you will get ClearTax on the first page of google. They get most of their leads via SEO traffic.

Kommunicate (a chatbot widget) startup has a ZERO sales team. But they get 1000 signups a month. They write articles on what people search for and convert the in-bound search traffic to leads. 

This is the short-term way. Write content that people search for, pick topics that are related to your product so that readers will convert to your customers.

But for all of this to work, you need to be extremely patient, get the content strategy right, make sure that your blog/website is search engine optimized. This way, you are investing one time for traffic and let SEO generate traffic, leads, and conversions for you.

As the CEO of @peppercontent says - "Every company will be a content company in the future."